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The use of images is subject to the customer's acceptance of the following terms:

  • The images on website are protected by copyright.
  • No images may be reproduced, communicated to the public, distributed, re-used or extracted from this website for any purpose (including any storage, reproduction, linking or indexing for the purposes of any search engines) without the prior written consent of Luca Mozzati.
  • The reproduction rights are not exclusive and cover a one-time use in a single publication/product.
  • The customer is required to destroy all image files within 90 days of their receipt or download.
    Photographs and other images are protected under copyright laws, and their creators, as copyright holders, have an absolute right to control the use of their photographs. Anyone infringing that copyright is liable to fines. Any unauthorised use of images, whether obtained from transparencies/files or by the scanning of books, will be charged the world rights fee for unauthorised use multiplied by three.
  • Rights due to third parties (e.g. museums, collectors, artists in copyright living or dead for less than 70 years, personality rights), if any, are under the customer's responsibility.
  • The user undertakes to accompany each reproduction (alongside each image, or in the colophon) with the credit "© PhotoMozzati" followed by the name of other copyright holders, if any, as specified in the delivery note.
  • With regard to use on CD-ROMs, DVDs or the internet, Luca Mozzati grants the non-exclusive right to reproduce his images one time only and in a single electronic product at a size that must not exceed 640 x 480 pixels. The CD-ROM or DVD must display the copyright and wording to the following effect: "© Photomozzati".

The rights of reproduction are not granted until the invoice has been paid.